A Virtual School Success Story

Join us for a special episode with Tim Buckingham, the Virtual School Mentor at Big Rapids Public Schools, in Big Rapids, Michigan. Tim shares the district’s process of launching, refining and eventually hitting their stride with their virtual school. We discuss how to integrate a virtual program, including pitfalls to avoid, and strategies for getting it right the first time. Tim shares lessons learned (there are many!), how they have managed to increase student outcomes even in a pandemic, and practical suggestions for other districts as they consider how to develop their own virtual schools.

Tim has been an educator for over 40 years and has a diverse background in education. He has spent many years at the high school level as a teacher and administrator and over 15 years as an elementary principal. The last seven years, he’s helped to establish the district’s virtual school, Big Rapids Virtual School, and today he serves as the school’s teacher/mentor. He retired five years ago, but loves his job so much that he keeps coming back!

As we navigate this new way of learning, it’s certainly beneficial to speak with experts like Tim whose advice and guidance will benefit our community of listeners who are making their virtual school plans right now. You can find Tim’s contact information here: https://www.brps.org/our-schools/big-rapids-virtual-school/staff-directory/.