Insights into the future of education technology: A Chat with Kevin Hogan

On this episode, Jean Sharp has the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Hogan, the host of a new Marketscale podcast. On his new show, Remove Possibilities, Kevin dives into the technology that is revolutionizing the education industry with educators, startups, and thought leaders providing compelling insights into the future of education technology.

Throughout this episode, Kevin shares his perspective on the future of education and what’s important for educational leaders to consider right now. He shares the common themes and strategies he has heard across the education spectrum and how education leaders are addressing these unparalleled challenges in education.
Kevin likes to focus on the positive outcomes of this challenging time in life and some of the glass half full moments he’s seeing arise during this time in edtech. He also shares how he believes the pandemic will change what school looks like…in the near term…and over the long term.

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