Lessons Learned During the Pandemic

On today’s episode, we chat with Dr. Monica Burns, a former New York City school district teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator, and the Founder of ClassTechTips.com. Monica was part of her school’s leadership team and was a vocal advocate for bringing one-to-one technology into her classroom.  Monica has presented to teachers, administrators and tech-enthusiasts at numerous national and international conferences, including SXSWedu, ISTE, FETC and EduTECH, and she is a regular contributor to Edutopia. Monica visits schools across the country to work with PreK-20 teachers to make technology integration exciting and accessible.

Throughout our conversation, Monica shares the challenges teachers are facing with many competing agendas when it comes to instruction – thinking about the needs of their students: equity of access, student engagement, learning gaps, student stress and trauma, not to mention the regular instruction. She shares what she believes teachers are prioritizing and if that will change over time.

She also provides examples of what some districts have done to successfully navigate these challenges through the lens of the student, the teacher, and the parent. And Monica provides her perspective on what she believes will become part of our best practices for education—even when the pandemic is behind us.