Social-Emotional Learning in Practice: What really works?

Understanding how to support the health and well-being of students through social-emotional learning (SEL) is more important than ever as we enter this unusual school year. We know this episode is going to be helpful to district leaders who are looking for research-backed practices and practical advice on how to kickstart an SEL program.

Check out the full episode to take the first step in developing a new SEL initiative or to refine an existing program. There are nuggets of advice that will benefit nearly everyone – wherever you are in your SEL journey. In our 15th episode of Opportunity Thrives, we speak with two guests who share their insights on why an SEL program can be beneficial and how it can be implemented within your district. We dive deep into the details about how this can make a difference in the emotional well-being and academic success of your students. From research-backed evidence to practical experience, the episode shares advice and guidance for how to develop a program for the start of school year this fall. It’s not too late to get planning!
Debra Giacolone, the Supervisor for Mental Behavioral Health Services for the Sarasota County School District in Sarasota, Florida, joined us for this episode to share her insights on the SEL program they recently implemented throughout their district. Debra has been a passionate educator for over 20 years. Working in both the public and private sectors of education, she has served students and families from pre-k and beyond. Debra works tirelessly to promote the social-emotional well-being of all students while supporting the academic success and growth for every student, every day. And Dr. Crystal Ladwig, the director of research for Suite360, a social-emotional learning provider that partners with districts across the country, also shared her perspective with us on this episode. As a researcher, teacher and a professor, Dr. Ladwig has a unique understanding of the issues facing teachers and families today. She has coordinated several research projects at the University of Florida, focusing on children with Autism and young children at-risk for the development of emotional and behavioral disorders.

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