Strategies for the Path Forward with Online Learning

In our latest podcast episode, we talk with Carl Hooker about his desire to see K-12 education become more like the 1989 movie Dead Poet’s Society. He believes we have the potential engage students to learn in unorthodox ways and to inspire them to pursue their dreams – right now more than ever during this unusual time in education.

As the former Director of Innovation & Digital Learning for the Eanes Independent School District, Carl shares a mix of practical tools and ideas that educators can immediately implement. From his start as a teacher, to his current district technology leadership, he’s always had one common belief: students should drive their own learning.

Through a unique blend of technical expertise, educational experience, and flexibility, he believes districts have the potential to not only support students where they are, but to broaden their horizons and change their lives.

Carl helped spearhead the Learning and Engaging through Access and Personalization (LEAP), and he has been a part of a strong educational shift with technology integration since becoming an educator.

In this episode, Carl shares his perspective on how the pandemic has shifted the need to support students, parents, and families in a different way, including the three keys to districts who are succeeding with digital learning right now.