The Blueprint for Success with District-wide Virtual Learning

On today’s episode, we have the opportunity to speak with district leaders from Tucson Unified School District who are navigating the challenges and opportunities that a district-wide shift to online learning can bring.
James Butler, the senior director of instructional technology and online education, and Omar Sotelo, the program manager for academic standards in the Office of Curriculum and Professional Development join Jean Sharp for this conversation. They share their experiences and insights implementing a district wide virtual learning program across their district, including best practices they’ve adopted and their keys to success.
Tucson Unified School District, in Tucson, Arizona, serves approximately 42,000 students and has 86 campuses across 200 square miles. As a district, their focus has been on serving the diverse needs of their students throughout the community and continuing to provide a very rigorous, relevant, and engaging environment that encourages teaching and learning and drives student achievement – no matter how students are learning.