What about the teachers: How are administrators supporting teachers with digital curriculum adoption?

Online learning has given rise to a spectrum of instructional models that redefine teaching and learning in the classroom. At one end, teachers use digital content to enhance teacher-led instruction and provide remediation. At the other, the digital curriculum is leveraged to transform primary instruction and support initial credit and credit recovery programs. However, for teachers who are adding one more thing to their day job, new technology can feel overwhelming. In this episode of Opportunity Thrives, we discuss what educators need most when it comes to adopting new digital curriculum programs and some of the strategies administrators can implement to make adopting the new technology a more seamless process for teachers.

Our first guest, Laura Lee, is an editor and writer for Edutopia. Prior to her role at Edutopia, she worked as an educator with a civic education organization and then as a program administrator for two Fulbright grant programs. She has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Maryland where she was an Eleanor Merrill Fellow. She has also worked at NPR producing content for the Washington desk, All Things Considered and Talk of the Nation. 

Shanise Goldsby, an assistant principal at Broadview Middle School in Burlington, North Carolina also joined us for the conversation. Shanise has been an educator for 17 years; 14 years as a seventh grade ELA and reading teacher and she is going on three years as an administrator. She is passionate about empowering her teachers to excel with digital curriculum and she shares specific strategies to help teachers get the resources they need to be successful.