What Should District Leaders Be Asking from Their Partners Right Now?

In our latest episode of Opportunity Thrives, we talk with two superintendents about how they are evaluating their partners and how their relationships with vendors has changed since the pandemic. This is a special joint episode where we partnered with Talk Supes, a podcast hosted by Doug Roberts, the CEO and founder of the Institute for Education Innovation.
The pandemic has created one of the biggest disruptions in education that any of us have ever experienced. The demands with the shift to virtual learning, and strict new guidelines for health and safety, are certainly unparalleled and one of the most challenging environments our school systems have ever faced.
More than ever, districts are leaning on technology partners and the private industry to support the dynamic and evolving needs required by the pandemic. In this new era of distance learning, we discuss what really matters and the responsibility of district solution partners and curriculum providers that are coming alongside districts to support student success.
We dive into this topic with our guests, Dr. Andy Crozier, who is currently serving his 10th year as a public-school superintendent and his fifth year at Central Lee Community School District in Donnellson, Iowa; and Dr. Donald Shively of Paducah Public Schools in Paducah, Kentucky.