With Challenge Comes Opportunity: Dr. Adam Phyall Shares His Silver Linings

County School System in Newton, Georgia, joins us to share how his team is addressing this unusual time in education. He was recently recognized as one of the top 30 K-12 IT influencers worth a follow in 2020 according to EdTEch Magazine.

Dr. Phyall shares what he believes is working well in education right now, and the positives he’s seeing during this time. He also discusses the possibilities for reimagining learning—from asynchronous to synchronous learning. Every school system has its own problems and challenges, but he believes there are incredible possibilities for self-paced learning that he hopes will continue after things return to “normal.”

He also shares how in a regular year, both students and adults can have issues, but during a global pandemic those challenges can be exponential, which is why SEL should be an absolute priority. He reinforced the need to establish personal health checks. And he also shares how important it is for us to address inequities and ensure cultural diversity is represented throughout our schools and districts. In the show we mention Thought Exchange, a crowd sourcing platform for leaders: https://www.thoughtexchange.com/.